Frequently Asked Questions

1 What is & why choose us ?
XITBoosting is one of the very few ultimate LoL boosting & coaching providers. We are delighted to have been serving since 2020 with the best reputation in the industry due our premium service quality that has been improving day after day!

2 Why is XITBoosting considered an ultimate LoL boost & coaching ?
XITBoosting has successfully achieved high standards in terms of both LoL ELO boosting & coaching. Only few other places online offer these services at such a high level, yet we take the lead for keeping prices at a reasonably low level than other providers in the industry. If you are seeking an ultimate experience, then XITBoosting is the right place to choose!

3 How can I trust XITBoosting ?
At XITBoosting we make sure we provide the safest serves possible. Taking into consideration that our beloved customers are entrusting their accounts with us, we make sure their trust & satisfaction is always of top priority. With the help of VPN and 256bit SSL encryption, XITBoosting is considered the safest and most trustworthy company in the LoL ELO boost & coaching industry.

4 Which regions are supported by XITBoosting ?
We ELO boost, on selected servers for now, but we aim to grow & cover all regions together with you! These servers include Europe Nordic & East, Europe West, North America, Russia, Turkey.

5 Where can I see the reviews of XITBoosting, where can I review the service?
At XITBoosting we have all our vouches & feedbacks on our Discord Server. We shall create a Trustpilot page soon if we believe it's more convenient for our beloved customers. Moreover, you may request to leave an anonymous feedback & keep your identity private we highly respect that. Go to our discord under Support channel create a ticket for more info.

6 Does XITBoosting have a refund policy ?
Yes, XITBoosting do offer refunds in various cases. If you are looking for a return, please contact us on our Discord Server. Learn more about refunds in our terms of use section: Terms of use.

7 How can I pay for XITBoosting services ?
XITBoosting allows their customers to pay through different methods using Stripe as their main one! However, if you joined Discord & ordered from there you'll have the option to pay using PayPal or Skrill! Moreover, if you noticed you didn't find a payment method that suits you please don't hesitate to contact us on Discord so we may help you out!

8 What is LoL Boosting aka ELO Boosting ?
LoL Boosting or ELO Boosting refers to a virtual service provided in League of Legends. There are various methods of the service, and XITBoosting offers a variety of the, with the highest quality. The essence of LoL Boosting or ELO Boosting relates to highly skilled (Mainly Challenger) players. XITBoosting employs these players to offer their help to all League of Legends players intending to help them achieve their desired rank in the game.

9 Can my account get banned for LoL Boosting ?
By using XITBoosting's services, the ban rate is negligible for both Solo and Duo orders, since we make sure our boosters do use VPN during all orders. However, if you buy from an unprofessional provider, there is a chance that Riot would notice you used ELO Boost thus you might receive a 14-day suspension. We recommend all ELO Boost buyers to use the safest services provided by XITBoosting to evade any ban related issues in the future.

10 How do I know that my financial information is safe with XITBoosting ?
XITBoosting does not handle directly financial information. Only our established payment gateway companies such as Stripe has access to sensitive financial data while paying for our services. By using the most secure and verified payment gateways, we ensure maximum safety for our users.

11 What ELO Boosting services does XITBoosting provide ?
XITBoosting offers boosting services in limited aspects of the game. Our service list can be found on our website's homepage just use following link:

12 Can I specify champions or roles ?
Yes, both options are available. You'll find these features while ordering online or would be asked to fill the format if ordering from Discord.

13 What is the difference between Solo and Duo Boost ?
Solo Boosting requires the buyer to give his/her login details to our professional booster employee to achieve the desired rank set by the buyer. The booster will win as many games as necessary to raise the tier and division of the account to the desired rank. When it comes to Duo Boosting, account sharing is not needed, and the booster plays along with the client to reach the desired rank.

14 Can a specific booster to play with?
XITBoosting allows their customers to choose a specific booster to complete their orders. If the requested booster is available & can take the order it's carried on. However, if the booster is already occupied with another order or is not available you'll need to ask for a different one. You may always ask for information about the booster before he/she starts your order. Customer satisfaction is highly regarded in this situation.

15 Do I need to change my logins after every order?
XITBoosting highly recommends you change your account logins specifically after a Solo Boost. After completing the Boost, XITBoosting is no longer liable for any consequential damage to your account.

16 What is LoL Coaching, and how does it work ?
LoL Coaching is described to be the most beneficial ELO Boost service. Throughout the process of LoL Coaching, Mainly Challenger/Grandmaster players are hired by League of Legends players who are looking to achieve the highest levels of the game. LoL Coaching usually has the following mechanism. The Challenger/Grandmaster Coach analyzes the game style of the customer, then based on the customer's preferences, they start to work together as the Coach helps him/her with further insights. The goal of such service would be that after each Coaching session, the customer gains more skills with a better understanding of the game.